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Property to Buy in Cyprus, Greece and the Greek Islands

Elysium: From the Greek ‘Elysion’. In classical mythology, Elysium, or the Elysian fields, was the lifelong aim for the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the pure; A place in which to live a blessed and happy life. The word came to mean a place or state of bliss/delight. 

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Welcome to MyElysium

Thanks and efharisto for visiting MyElysium. As well as looking through the example of our property selection, finding the right overseas property in countries like Cyprus, mainland Greece, the fascinating Greek islands, and indeed the entire Mediterranean Basin, is a dynamic and exciting journey to embark on.

MyElysium is focused on more than just selling properties… it’s about helping like-minded international movers secure a ‘home from home’

Ian L. Davies – Founder

The Start of your Journey

We’d like to be part of your journey so please reach out to us and allow us to be your guiding hand. This site will simply give you a flavour of the types of property potentially available, but experience tells us that your 1st in-country visit will be the pivotal point as you educate yourself about your detailed location target preferences and from there drill down to consider specific alternatives.

A Personal Touch

Ian Davies is the founder of “MyElysium” and will personally supervise all enquiries that lead to what should be an exciting “in-country” visit.

Ian is UK based but spends much of the year in Cyprus and Greece where a lifetime working in property (domestic UK & International) together with personal ownership of a Cyprus home mean he has already trodden the path you are now embarking on. Ian’s in-country partners are handpicked and so much more than simple business associates.